About Us

Who are we?

Coiner is a purely South African based, owned and operated cryptocurrency exchange. The company was founded by a group of true believers in the independence of finance utilizing the power of the blockchain and giving monetary control back to the people.

Our Vision

To facilitate the trade of cryptocurrencies in Africa and help drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies throughout the continent.With a dire need for fast and reliable trading, we aim to help advance the development and growth of digital currencies to ensure financial decentralization.

Simplifying the sometimes complicated digital currency environment and making cryptocurrency trading easily accessible in Africa is our key goal.


Coiner is a registered South African company that wishes to become decentralized once liquidity and user participation reach sufficient levels.

The Team

The project is headed by Rein Strijdom with key financial investors and advisors from across the globe. Detailed profiles will be added upon the completion of our MVP once further phases are rolled out and introduced. We are actively recruiting team members for the project.